Coffee, Wine, Chocolate

They are the holy trinity of guilty pleasures — coffee, wine, and chocolate; our weaknesses, our temptations, our calming escape in stormy seas. Coffee to jumpstart the day, chocolate to power through that afternoon slump and wine to unwind into the relaxing peace of evening. An 'I love you,' a pick-me-up, a thank you for kind hospitality, congratulations to a co-worker or friend; the Coffee, Wine, Chocolate box is an easy go-to gift for all occasions.

Interstate shipping regulations do limit the states to which our boxes that contain wine can be shipped, please check our terms to ensure that we can ship to your desired state.


  • 2oz Blue Heeler Coffee, Colectivo Coffee
  • 2oz Door County Cofee,  Hikers Coffee
  • Uplands Reserve, Botham Vineyards
  • Dark Chocolate Bar, Kohler Chocolates
  • Wisconsin Heart Stemless Wine Glass, JMRdesignsCo
  • Corkscrew, WiscoLove
  • Sea Salt Caramels, Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier
  • Items subject to change based on availability.


    SHIPPING PERISHABLES -- We require 2-day shipping for all boxes containing perishables (cheese, sausage, chocolate) for delivery addresses that are outside Wisconsin. If your order includes any of these items and will be shipped beyond Wisconsin's borders, please select UPS or FedEx 2-day shipping. We also reserve the right to hold shipments if the temperature is above 80 degrees F or below zero (shipping wine). ADDITIONALLY, WE DO NOT SHIP BOXES THAT CONTAIN PERISHABLES TO OUT-OF-STATE DESTINATIONS AFTER WEDNESDAY EACH WEEK. Thanks so much. These choices help to ensure that your lovely gift is delivered in perfect condition. Questions? 608.437.2202