Jangle SOAPworks — Vendor Spotlight

August 04, 2017

Jangle SOAPworks — Vendor Spotlight

Family owned and sustainably made, Jangle SOAPWorks crafts soaps using fresh milk from the Alpine dairy goats that graze their organic pastures in Mount Horeb. Using organic, sustainable, natural ingredients whenever possible, Janelle Holstrom makes soaps and bath products in small batches that “nourish skin and pamper souls.”

Janelle Holstrom of Jangel SOAPworks

Location: Mount Horeb, WI

Product: goat milk soaps, natural bath products

Website: www.janglesoapworks.com

Established: 2012

Getting Started:

Janelle welcomed her first goat as part of a nutritional adventure following her decision to have raw milk for her family. Unable to purchase raw milk as a consumer, she looked into dairy goats and brought a pregnant Bella home soon after. A few years later, Janelle received a goat milk soap kit but didn’t start crafting soaps until a couple of years after. After seeing another local soapmaker in action, Janelle dove head-first into soaps and was immediately hooked. She started by giving out soaps as holiday presents and they were so well received that the demand for her products blossomed, making her decision to venture into selling them a natural fit.


Since its beginning, Jangle SOAPworks has grown very organically. Nearly all of Janelle’s wholesale accounts resulted from businesses and retailers hearing about her products and reaching out. With about a dozen wholesale accounts currently, Janelle is content with how much Jangle has grown. In the coming years Janelle hopes to expand her production capabilities, but for the time being is happy with her current balance between work and family time.


With so many visions for her soaps and her brand, Janelle’s biggest difficulty is balancing her time between her work and her family. A mother of three, Janelle’s priority is first and foremost being a mother. As Jangle continues to grow, Jenelle found herself stretched too thin and decided to invest in outside help. Bringing in other skill sets allowed Janelle to focus on what she does best—being a mom and making soaps.

Keeping it fun:

Making soaps is an art form, a therapy and a creative process that Janelle thoroughly enjoys. Jangle’s soaps are anything but boring and with work that is so inherently fun, Janelle has to remind herself to make the occasional batch of plain soap. Working with the goats is one of the most important aspects of her brand, and without such great animals, Janelle would never have discovered her love of soapmaking.


Janelle grew up in Louisiana and went to college in Illinois where she met her husband, Scott. When they were looking for a place to settle down, outdoor recreation in a beautiful setting was at the top of their must-have list. With its beautiful and varied landscapes, all four seasons and outdoor living, Wisconsin is everything they were looking for and still within driving distance of Scott’s extended family.

A few fun photos and a video from our visit to Jangle SOAPworks:


Goats Megan cuddles baby goat  Alise milks Bella

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