Chosen Stones – Vendor Spotlight

July 28, 2017

Chosen Stones – Vendor Spotlight

Chosen Stones offers artisan hardwood pieces that are beautifully handcrafted and the perfect fit for any home. Using a variety of high-quality woods, craftsman Wayne Waldner creates durable, artistic and personalized items with his children.

Wayne of Chosen Stones

Location: Richland Center

Product: handcrafted wooden cutting boards


Established: 2014

Inspiration and start:

Wayne has always loved woodworking and creating beautiful, functional pieces. Chosen Stones was started with a desire to pass on the craft of woodworking, skill and character to his children. “I get great enjoyment out of working with wood and seeing the raw materials be turned into a beautiful piece,” Wayne says about his inspiration for woodworking.

Chosen Stones believes in the quality of their workmanship. As a small family business, they strive for excellence throughout their process from initial product design, to creation and through the finished product. Each piece is crafted with care and attention to detail apparent to the user. The name Chosen Stones represents a vision for the business, read about the origin on their website.

Growth and future:

Starting from a small two-car garage selling cutting boards on Etsy, Chosen Stones has grown their production space to keep up with their expanded online presence. The new woodworking shop was a family project for Wayne and his sons to expand their capability and production. Chosen Stones now has their own website and sells in a number of stores, farmers markets and art shows around Wisconsin. Wayne would like to see their product available in more stores around the state to increase awareness about Chosen Stones products.


The beautiful scenery and great people are an important part of why Wayne and his family call Wisconsin home. “There are great places across our great country, but Wisconsin is first class beautiful and unrivaled in so many ways,” says Wayne. “I love the rolling tree covered hills, sandstone bluffs and picturesque country.”




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SHIPPING PERISHABLES -- We require 2-day shipping for all boxes containing perishables (cheese, sausage, chocolate) for delivery addresses that are outside Wisconsin. If your order includes any of these items and will be shipped beyond Wisconsin's borders, please select UPS or FedEx 2-day shipping. We also reserve the right to hold shipments if the temperature is above 80 degrees F or below zero (shipping wine). ADDITIONALLY, WE DO NOT SHIP BOXES THAT CONTAIN PERISHABLES TO OUT-OF-STATE DESTINATIONS AFTER WEDNESDAY EACH WEEK. Thanks so much. These choices help to ensure that your lovely gift is delivered in perfect condition. Questions? 608.437.2202