Acala Farms — Vendor Spotlight

July 07, 2017

Acala Farms — Vendor Spotlight

Acala Farms produces heart-healthy, flavor-infused cooking oils made from cottonseed oil. These oils are perfect for experimenting with and come in a variety of flavors sure to liven up any dish. Based in Barneveld, Acala Farms is the first company to introduce plain and flavor-infused cottonseed oil to kitchens.

acala farms oils

Location: Barneveld, WI

Product: flavor-infused cooking oils


Established: 2012

Brand inspiration:

Acala Farms delivers intense flavor and extraordinary performance in a good-for-you product. The oils effortlessly bring the flavors of the world to home kitchens. Encouraging experimentation, collaboration and fun in the kitchen is a large part of what Acala Farms does, inspiring customers to share the food, flavor and fun.




Setbacks and challenges:

The lack of awareness and understanding of cottonseed oil and its benefits is an ongoing challenge. Acala Farms oils are pesticide-free, gluten free and heart healthy, but preconceived notions regarding cotton as a food crop still hinder perceptions and acceptance of the oils.

The future of Acala Farms:

Acala Farms started as a collaboration with Cotton Incorporated but has since grown as an independent business. Named after the Acala strain of cotton used to produce the oils, Acala Farms has strong distribution in and around Madison, but does most of its business online. Acala Farms is making its way into kitchens across the country as more people discover and understand the benefits of cottonseed oil. Bringing these oils into the kitchens of foodies, chefs and culinary experimenters continues to be an important aspect of Acala Farms’ growth. Expanded regional- and eventually national distribution are the company's next goals.


Acala Farms has not only found a home here but grown here, largely due to Wisconsin’s adventuresome spirit regarding food and culture. With love for all things Wisconsin, Acala Farms’ is especially grateful for the beautiful Driftless region it calls home.


March 17, 2018

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