Supper Club

The Wisconsin supper club is a tradition exclusive to the badger state. From Superior to Elkhorn and everywhere in between, more than 250 of these hot spots serve up a rockin’ Friday fish fry, fried cheese curds and the classic Old Fashioned that we Wisconsinites so dearly love. The Supper Club Box, reminiscent of relish trays and red-checkered, vinyl tablecloths, juicy prime rib and twice baked potatoes, is packed with just what you need to bring your favorite supper club to your very own kitchen. Cheers, friends! 


  • Old Fashioned Glasses, The Midwest Girl
  • Cocktail Muddler, Endle Home Goods
  • Orange Bitters, Bittercubes
  • Old Fashioned Salami, Underground Meats
  • Cheese Curds, Carr Valley
  • Cheese Curd Batter Mix, Willow Creek Mill

Items subject to change based on availability.

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