Simple love. Simple pleasures.

Sometimes the simplest expressions are the most meaningful. But simple doesn't mean less than extraordinary. Indulge the one you love with temptations for the body, soul and palate; heavenly felted soap is both a scrubby and a rich, lathering, olive oil soap that shrinks together until all that remains is a soft, woolen scrubby, the cotton flannel makeup remover pads are wash-and-reuse pillows of softness against the skin; the candle will fill the room with soothing scents and the sea salt caramel, well, that's just rich, gooey, heavenly indulgence any way you slice it. Simple love. Simple pleasures.

Celebrate milestones, thank customers, reward remote employees; send love and gratitude. Be there even when you can't, and do it in style with a WiscoBoxes gift.

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