We believe in community and we believe in easing the way for organizations to help move others forward. That's the reason we have launched Fundraising the WiscoBoxes way. 

Featured here are boxes currently available for purchase that include a WiscoBoxes donation to a designated organization. It's simple. We assign a code for organization members or supporters to use at the time of purchase. When a box is purchased using that code, the sale is recorded and the funds allocated accordingly.

Organizations currently fundraising in this way include the Mount Horeb K-5 PTO and Wisconsin 4-H.

For information about Fundraising the WiscoBoxes way for your organization, please contact us: or 608.437.2202. We'd love to help move your organization forward, the WiscoBoxes way.


We are now requiring 2-day shipping for all boxes containing perishables (cheese, sausage, chocolate) for delivery addresses that are outside Wisconsin. If your order includes any of these items and will be shipped beyond Wisconsin's borders, please select UPS or FedEx 2-day shipping. We also reserve the right to hold shipments if the temperature is above 80 degrees F or below zero (shipping wine). Thanks so much. These choices help to ensure that your lovely gift is delivered in perfect condition. Questions? 608.437.2202